HD swing : Windows > Linux for the workshop > Windows (1/2h for 10 discs)
Who owns culture?
Welcoming data formats
Generous sharing
An abstract line-based representation of a Frog
Extract from 2008_Laoshan_Bicycle_Moto_Cross_(BMX)_Venue by Doma-w
manufacturaindependente - Bonjourvariable
Alina cutting perfectly normal pants
sending a letter
Closing session at LGM 2010, Brussels: Hong-Phuc Dang invites the Libre Graphics community to Vietnam
developmental cell OSP cover
Circular Facts website index
Notes on Walking Paper print
The Green Line, Francis Alys
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in out
Do not enclose it
Freedom 3 - share it
Freedom 2 - modify it
Freedom 1 - study it
LGM on radio panik
Lunch contacts exchange...
Ginger presenting his workshop — no computer, no slides, just sharp sentences!
OSP gang
Last day of junk food!
*Something* in preparation
Beehive at Constant the night before
Le catalogue en préparation
Vue écran du layout, lecteur et le livre
Missing Attachment