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Conversations · August 26th, 2009 ·

Before starting a fresh new OSP-season, first a post long due:

This conversation with Juliane de Moerlooze was recorded March 2009 in the context of Female Icons, a project by De Geuzen but I think OSP-readers might like to read it as well?


“when you hear people talk about women having more sense for the global, intuitive and empathic… and men are more logic… even if it is true… it seems quite a good thing to have when you are doing math or software?

Juliane is a Brussels based computer scientist, feminist and Linux user of the first hour. She studied math, programming and system administration and participates in the Samedies (a group of women maintaining their own server). In February 2009, she was voted president of the Brussels Linux user group.

Download interview: juliane.odt

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