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Free Pink!

July 7th, 2009 · Tags: · · 5 Comments

“Green Dam Youth Escort (绿坝·花季护航: LÇœbà·Huājì Hùháng) recognizes pornographic images by analyzing skin-coloured regions, causing the barring of this image of pink color pigs.” The Chinese government has mandated that, beginning July 1, every PC sold in China must include a censorship program called Green Dam. This software is designed to monitor Internet connections and […]

Opening the blackbox of printing

June 27th, 2009 · Tags: · · · 1 Comment

When we began to think about how to establish a more rich and warm collaboration with printers after the cold alerts we experienced during OSP production, Georges Charlier’s appetite for research and openness to exotic solutions reappeared in Pierre’s mind. And since we are preparing some new books, it was time for an update on […]

Runny technicolor

May 28th, 2009 · Tags: · · · · 1 Comment

Dans le cadre du festival “Imaginary Property”, OSP vous invite au Novale jeudi 28 mai 2009 à 19 h. Au programme : le jaune interdit et le rouge bientôt libre, un décodage de morceaux de vie montréalais au LGM 2009, une projection vers des formats inconnus et un aperçu de montage vidéo en mode texte […]

Warm gray’s liberation is officially delayed

April 3rd, 2009 · Tags: · · · Comments Off on Warm gray’s liberation is officially delayed

Warm Gray Liberation

April 1st, 2009 · Tags: · · · 4 Comments

From the CBUD-mailinglist: Subject: RE: FW: Licensee Application From: “DUURKOOP, JULIA” Date: Wed, 1 April 2009 11:20:25 -0400 To: “Daniel Fary” Dear Daniel: Thank you for your inquiries and follow-up e-mails. After consulting with executives, engineers and lawyers at the Company, we have decided to insert a series of gray tones to the PANTONE MATCHING […]

Free Magenta!

December 15th, 2008 · Tags: · · · Comments Off on Free Magenta!

Qu’attend-on pour libérer le magenta ? A very good article by Pascal Riché on the website of rue89 on how the trademark law makes it possible for companies to own a color for a specific commercial field. Autrement dit, si vous voulez repeindre votre maison en magenta (appelé ainsi à cause de la bataille du […]