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Lower cases

February 2nd, 2011 · Tags: · · · · 1 Comment

Hello this is Antoine, new intern at OSP. Glad to meet you. OSP-DIN is now ready to go through meta pleins et délies experimentations.

Chaîne typo-graphique ouverte

December 9th, 2010 · Tags: · · · · · Comments Off on Chaîne typo-graphique ouverte

Nous fêtons demain le premier cours Open Source de l’ERG. In September started a fisrt “arts numériques” open source course at the École de Recherche Graphique. Visit the course wiki. The students will be proud to present the first specimens of their pictures-fonts. And in exclusivity we will play with Pierre Marchand’s new friend Fonzie […]

Listen to F/LOSS

September 16th, 2010 · Tags: · · · · Comments Off on Listen to F/LOSS

At FLOSS-weekly you can find a collection of 130+ longer interviews with Free Software developers, including some involved in our favourite projects: #11: Python (Guido van Rossum: “If you give the same task to different programmers, they’ll come up with different solutions. When programmer B at some point has to maintain the code of programmer […]

One thing leads to another

July 11th, 2010 · Tags: · · · Comments Off on One thing leads to another

Following a trackback, Alexandre discovered the work of Lafkon studio a few days ago. Than, through Antonio Roberts’ comment on this same post, I find out about his work with animated fontfiles. Antonio writes: “Font files are files that attribute a style to the otherwise plain text that we see on screen. The computer treats […]

SILEX-LEX: exchanging layers

April 30th, 2010 · Tags: · · · · · Comments Off on SILEX-LEX: exchanging layers

Here are snapshots of SILEX-LEX round 1. Artists, designers and illustrators experimented with Inkscape, a Rhizograph and each other’s layers. Round 2 follows next week in preparation of the vernissage on May 7.

Gender Art Net – Folding step

April 12th, 2010 · Tags: · · · · · · · · 1 Comment

Gender Art Net poster is now ready for folding. Project presentation and workshop РBerlin РApril 16-17 _2010 (more coming) 1000 posters РA2 recto black Рverso CMYK 1 plis horizontal Р4 zig zag + 1 roul̩


April 8th, 2010 · Tags: · · · · · 1 Comment

Exhibition: 8 May → June 4 2010 Opening: May 7 18:00-21:00 De Pianofabriek, Fortstraat 35, 1060 Brussels What if a team of talented artists, illustrators, graphic designers and graffiti writers starts working with Free, Libre and Open Source softwares for the first time? What if their trials and errors are printed on the Plus-tôt-Te-Laat Rhizograph […]

O S P double

January 14th, 2010 · Tags: · · Comments Off on O S P double

Pour le numéro de janvier consacré à la visualisation de données, le magazine français étapes: ouvre une double page à OSP pour notre carte Cinéma du réel 2009. > voir +

0.47 in 47 sec

September 16th, 2009 · Tags: · 1 Comment

Install Inkscape 0.47 pre release: http://webupd8.blogspot.com/2009/06/download-inkscape-047-pre-release.html Wow! This is mind blowing! To get quadrichromical images from Inkscape, our “rock in the shoe” way is to save vectorial drawing in SVG, and import it in Scribus. To get the right colors, we recompose svg-rgb colors in scribus-cymk. It’s a fastidious work, and limitative, but it works […]

Open kitchen clipart

July 27th, 2009 · Tags: · · · 6 Comments

After the release of our Puerto Livre de Cuisine Kookboek, all the drawings and illustrations now are available as clipart on Open Clip Art Library. Thanks to nitrofurano: download all files in one go with wget! Download script and run from the commandline with: $ bash kitchenclipart.sh Let’s cook together 🙂

Gender Art Net

April 3rd, 2009 · Tags: · · · · · · 2 Comments

OSP participe actuellement au développement du projet Gender Art Net. Gender Art Net propose de créer un atlas interactif donnant accès à différentes vues et lectures d’un ensemble de positions artistiques feministes dans l’Europe contemporaine.

The ecstasy of influence

March 29th, 2009 · Tags: · · · · Comments Off on The ecstasy of influence

La Selec is a magazine edited by enthousiasts of La Mediatheque, a public service for renting records, movies, games and so on. Each issue La Selec invites a local artist to produce a poster inspired by their recommended selection of medias. This month it was Harrisson, so was consequently OSP. Here’s the poster we did […]


March 22nd, 2009 · Tags: · · 3 Comments

The association “Jazz in Antwerpen” asked us to do the visual of their concert agenda. We proposed this black and red Not-Courier logo. In good jazz magazines this month 🙂

OSP full scale in Beaubourg

March 18th, 2009 · Tags: · · · · · · · · 5 Comments

OSP full scale in Beaubourg

As a side effect of the BPI/cinéma du réel festival, OSP has been asked to “perform” the program map in full scale in the Centre Georges Pompidou main hall, where the festival occurs. The map is a derivative from the printed one, folded into the brochure. It networks the festival selected movies and the subjective […]

OSP + BPI = Cinéma du réel

March 18th, 2009 · Tags: · · · 1 Comment

OSP + BPI = Cinéma du réel

Carte du réel OSP has been sollicitated by documentary Cinéma du Réel festival to construct a map for an alternative reading of the movie selection.

Logo Galore

January 10th, 2009 · Tags: · · · · · · 2 Comments

Logo Galore

Lots of work going on the OSP Studio. Here are few of our recent production: = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Logo for Le Vecteur Cultural space in Charleroi city Button version: This logo that can be adapted in multiform patterns: = = = = […]

SHMN (Inkboard)

October 26th, 2008 · Tags: · · · · 1 Comment

Inkboard is an Inkscape extension that allows remote collaboration over the network. In inkscape-devel, there’s a thread where people get all excited over it, and manage to bring down a server as a result 🙂 It’s hard not to get overexcited over tools that have collaboration built into them. They give rise to book covers […]

Tonight: SHMN (update)

October 22nd, 2008 · Tags: · · · · 1 Comment

Tonight: SHMN (update)

The OSP’s have gathered around their respective working tables in Brussels and Barcelona, to prepare Software History Mapping Night, tonight from 20:30 – 22:00 (GMT+1). For this occasion, Nicolas has created a rudimentary, quick, lo-tech collaborative mapping tool: http://www.ospublish.constantvzw.org/map http://www.ospublish.constantvzw.org/map/sandbox (crazy layers!)*

New book cover approved

August 21st, 2008 · Tags: · · 5 Comments

New book cover approved

We’re currently finishing the layout of a new book: FLOSS+Art Here is a preview of the cover, designed with Inkscape using the “clone tile” function. Font is Not-Courier Sans… FLOSS+Art critically reflects on the growing relationship between Free Software ideology, open content and digital art. It provides a view onto the social, political and economic […]

Towards #2 is out

June 25th, 2008 · Tags: · · · 1 Comment

Towards #2 is out

Towards is a cartographic project close to OSP and the second publication is finally out and available after a long 9 months of preparation. Following our informations, it’s the last one that will be produced using proprietary software ;)… But the timeline present on the cover and backcover, made from all the posts written since […]

Kanttekeningen / Sidemarks

June 9th, 2008 · Tags: · · 5 Comments

Kanttekeningen / Sidemarks

Kanttekeningen bij een databank documents our investigation into the inner workings of the database of BAM, the Flemish institute for visual, audiovisual and media art. To visualise the data stored, we wrote a plugin in Inkscape, manually generated graphs and scripted .svg – you can read everything about what we found and how we worked […]

What you won’t get for 100$

June 3rd, 2008 · Tags: · Comments Off on What you won’t get for 100$

On his weblog Infinite Knots, Inkscape’s Bryce Harrington explains that if you want to have a feature implemented in an open source project, offering money will probably not help. He describes how “folks who aren’t developers” challenged Inkscape developers to make the application work on MacOSX, after first having tried doing it themselves. if you […]

Potrace –alphamax 1.334 (or the limit between artificial and natural)

May 5th, 2008 · Tags: · · 3 Comments

Since the first time I’ve used an autotrace program -Adobe Streamline 1.0 in the early nineties- I’ve been disappointed by the unavoidable angles in curves, named kinks or cusps, that pledged the vector output. Lots of designers and developers seem not to care about it, but for me it is simply the difference between artificial […]

In the pipeline

April 16th, 2008 · Tags: · · 3 Comments

With * new * OSP Yi Jiang we are currently working on typography and lay-out for CROSS-over: Kunst, Media en Design in Vlaanderen, a publication edited by Liesbeth Huybrechts and published by BAM / Lannoo. The book is layed-out in Scribus and contains various database visualisations generated in Inkscape (in collaboration with Michael Murtaugh). It […]

Inkscape plugins in Python

February 17th, 2008 · Tags: · · · 7 Comments

Inkscape allows python scripts to be used as effects plugins. In a nutshell: you use the DOM to create / manipulate the structure of the SVG document and use CSS properties to style — so there’s quite some overlap with “regular” CGI & web programming. This example (circles) is based on the example given on […]

The Adventure Continues

November 11th, 2007 · Tags: · · · · 3 Comments

(A post for readers with some F/LOSS stamina)

Importing Inkscape in Fontforge

October 20th, 2007 · Tags: · · 11 Comments

Fontforge is an ideal font design program, as far we could test it out: Opening mac fonts (on ppc here) is more direct, and drawing tools are really ok to take on. Soft seems more fluid than previous version and… it can easely import inkscape svgs!

OSP for VJ10

October 17th, 2007 · Tags: · · · 3 Comments

OSP for VJ10

OSP are currently working and testing hard for Verbindingen – Jonction 10 festival, organised by meta collaborators Constant. Offset CYMK Printout (5000 ex.) expected for next wednesday, with all the blurs, transparencies, gradients and fonts… While trying to export the svg from inkscape to pdf, we encountered few problems with transparencies, and blur was completely […]

Odessa 12″ released!

September 17th, 2007 · Tags: · · · Comments Off on Odessa 12″ released!

Odessa 12″ released!

No it’s not a new software, it’s a record OSP contributed to, using inkscape and gimp… Proud to announce another printed matter on a great maxi.

Inkscape + xslt = dynamic workflow

September 8th, 2007 · Tags: · · · Comments Off on Inkscape + xslt = dynamic workflow

Use Inkscape and XSLT to Create Cross-Platform Reports and Forms, an article by Chad Files on the Linux Journal website that details a workflow to produce dynamic forms and reports for both print and web using Inkscape and Xslt. Description of the problem and requirements: Health-care claims are very intricate (Figure 1). Many boxes and […]

CMYK overprint

June 28th, 2007 · Tags: · · 4 Comments

Wonderful Inkscape unfortunately does not support black overprinting. You can define colors in CMYK but it will not allow values such as 40% C + 40% M + 40% Y + 100% K (Inkscape for some reason automatically converts these back to 0% C + 0% M + 0% Y + 100% K). Left: cyan […]

Canadian Printing Breakfast РImpressions canadiennes au petit-d̩jeuner

June 10th, 2007 · Tags: · · · · · Comments Off on Canadian Printing Breakfast – Impressions canadiennes au petit-déjeuner

Samedi 16 Juin Nepomuk Bar – City Mine(d) – Rue Saint-Jean Nepomucen, 17, Bruxel Click here for English Open Source Publishing est fier de vous inviter à son petit-déjeuner canadien, où vous seront servies leurs dernières aventures dans le monde des Logiciels Libres. Au menu: mise en page animée d’un conte de fée, programmeur chercheur […]

Tea for Tiles

June 6th, 2007 · Tags: · · · 1 Comment

Good way to practice softwares is getting jobs done for friends. This week, Maluka, an excellent, enthusiasming and courageous organic shop (placed at the corner of our office street, which helps!), asked us to design them a logo and cards. Here is the proposal, using Vera Sans Serif and Inkscape, and specifically its magic “clone […]

Matching Tools

June 6th, 2007 · Tags: · · 1 Comment

Today’s challenge brought to you by indexer and typesetter John Culleton. These four covers were done using three different tools: Tex (context) Gimp Inkscape Who can match covers 1 through 4 with the correct tool? http://typebye.com/test2.html

1 année de Graphisme, 100% libre

May 6th, 2007 · Tags: · · · · 2 Comments

La conférence d’Alexandre Robin a LGM Association internationnale en science politique. Design Graphique, administration reseau, dévelopement web, Alexandre à choisi de travailler en OS plus par goût que par économie. Une présentation enthousiasmante, menée dans un protocole tout “corporate” il apparait aussi que le sujet était: “comment j’ai caché à mes collègues que je faisais […]

Soundscape goes Inkscape

April 27th, 2007 · Tags: · · · · Comments Off on Soundscape goes Inkscape

The new maxi vynil from Odessa is about to be send to production. We worked on the label design yesterday and inkscape’s “clone generator” feature did the difference. It was the perfect tool to render an electronic disco ball – and type, evoking the minimal dance pop of the music and the complexity of the […]

Unlock + collect for output

December 11th, 2006 · Tags: · 3 Comments

The same illustration that got us to post about image scripting, also brought up an interesting discovery plus a feature/plug-in for Inkscape. Detail of illustration for Mute Magazine. Click to view .jpg or download complete zipped .svg file + images Lock layer It is often helpful to lock an object (in this case the glow […]

Crash test: Travail mobile

September 13th, 2006 · Tags: · · Comments Off on Crash test: Travail mobile

Lay-out in Scribus Download low-res PDF Finished! Sketched and produced a seven page contribution to Open (Dutch bi-monthly on art in public space) + inside cover. Images were prepared in Gimp; pattern assembled in Inkskape and document lay-out in Scribus (v1.3.3.2); all on Ubuntu.

Inkscape Poster

February 22nd, 2006 · Tags: · · 1 Comment

Inkscape Poster

Poster done with Inkscape, the context is the visit of Bob Stein at the Jan Van Eyck Academie Thursday 23 February, 15:00 The Jan Van Eyck Academie kindly invites you to: The Tomorrow Book Robert Stein presentation