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And all he left was letter A…

February 28th, 2007 · Tags: · 1 Comment

A little note on Appropriation and Type text. Gutemberg printed the first book with movable type in 1455. Maybe copyright wasn’t existing at the time, but there was, and there is still, a fight for the first inventor of the printer machine in Europe. Castaldi is alleged to have created movable type in 1442 (inspired […]

You need to copy to understand

August 6th, 2006 · Tags: · · · 3 Comments

Interview with Harrisson One of the co-conspirators in this open source adventure is a Brussels graphiste going under the name Harrisson. His interest in open source software flows with the culture of exchange that keeps the off centre music scene alive, as well as with the humanist tradition persistingly present in contemporary typography. Harrissons’ visual […]