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Awkward Gestures

Texts · November 2nd, 2008 ·

Out now: The Mag.net reader 3: Processual Publishing. Actual Gestures, edited by Alessandro Ludovico and Nat Muller.

From the introduction:
a radical change is to be detected between the lines: publishing on paper is not about rigorously selling and distributing content to a specific target readership. It is more a ‘gesture’ that creates a space of intimacy between the publisher/editor and the reader.This space of intimacy is definitely a ‘physical’ one

Download the publication in PDF or order a paper copy here: http://www.moreismore.net/en/magnet-reader-3-processual-publishing-actual

OSP is included in the chapter Hacktivist Publishing with Awkward Gestures, designing with Free Software:

While a familiar gesture is one that fits perfectly well in a generally accepted model, an awkward gesture is a movement that is not completely synchronic. It’s not a counter-movement, nor a break from the norm; it doesn’t exist outside of the pattern, nor completely in it. Just as a moiré effect reveals the presence of a grid, awkward behaviour can lead to a state of increased awareness; a form of productive insecurity

Download the text here: http://ospublish.constantvzw.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/awkward_gestures.pdf

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