First cut of the open source DIN, from drawing of 1932.



7 Responses to “OSP-DIN”

  1. A first experiment with multicoloured web fonts | Manufactura Independente Says:

    […] Through a tiny Javascript library (see below for download link) and a tweak of OSP‘s DIN typeface, we did a proof-of-concept page that showcases overlaying fonts to achieve the desired effect. It […]

  2. Eric S Says:

    The link is to google?

  3. OSP Says:

    ooh yes – we are so hurry to post the package that we put the download button first

  4. Marcel Says:

    very nice font, but unfortunately these letters are missing: “Ö”, “ü” and “ß” which makes it hard to use on german-based websites.

  5. Ali Says:

    Lovely timeless design. Perfect. Please consider adding these characters too:

  6. Gurkan Says:

    Is this the font of Paulo Silva, which is here? http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php/Open+Din+Schriften+Engschrift?content=107153

    Which version is the newer one?

  7. OSP Says:

    No, it has been redraw for scratch (in fact from original DIN scans).