Polsku Regula

Polsku Regula is inspired by polish signage, street signs and shop windows lettering.
The font file includes only the capitals the lower cases and a very basic set of punctuation marks.

2 Responses to “Polsku Regula”

  1. Alek Tarkowski Says:

    This is very neat, and I like the (un)(intentional)(?) misspelling – should be “Polska regula”. Oh, and the “l” should be an “ł”, I’d love to use the font, but we here in Poland need our ą,ę,ł,ó,ś,ć,ż. I guess that the fact that it’s open means that at best I’d do it myself. true.

  2. OSP Says:

    Hi Alek
    thanks for your feed back. The misspelling is sort of intentional. If I am not mistaken ‘reguła’ means rules, right?
    Since the font is free you can indeed open the boot and fix whatever you feel is necessary.
    We will be happy to put your updated version back on osp-foundry