Seoul Fonts Karaoke

October 2013 - during the 3rd edition of the 타이포잔치 Typojanchy biennal, Open source Publishing (OSP) set up a 5 day workshop in Seoul.
The process by which a computer learns to distinguish letters, OCR (Optical Character Recognition) has already been the subject of OSP projects such as Fonzie the image to font processor and the itinerant Dingbats Liberation Fests (a.o. CASCO, Espace MyMonkey). In Seoul, OSP and 10 Korean participants went a step further and bashed and trashed the OCR system, teaching it to recognise beyond the alphabet.
Now reviewing the trip that took place 3 months ago, they kept in touch with the team of participants on site keeping the projects going, while exchanging recipes for local delicacies.
Live from SIN lab (collective SIN research station), inside De La Charge, OSP invites you to tour the guts of Tesseract, the open source OCR software. Meanwhile, Fonzie will be stuffed full of pictures from the trip and pancakes with leek will be prepared. Open source karaoke flavour.