Modulating Sensory Input: Objects, spaces and strategies - Worskhop description

A two-day workshop addressing issues around sensory overload in relation to digital media. We continue to experience a dramatic increase in the number of tools and technologies designed for social exchange, including mobile phones, sms, instant messaging, e-mail and user-generated internet content. These tools evolve rapidly and their functions are combined with increasing fluidity. Scarcity is not a factor – digital media content is plentiful by nature. We can assume, however, that all of us have finite resources in terms or our energy, our time and our capacity for attention. We also have a deep desire to probe the limits of out interactions with technology.

How do these new tools and technologies affect our perception of space and of our social needs? How is the boundary between one’s self and the world being redefined? What is the nature of this boundary and how fluid do we perceive it to be? Can one always tell when a saturation point has been reached?

01/23/08 (11.00 - 18.00)

Using examples from art, film and design, we will investigate how the properties of objects and environments may be used to modulate sensory input.

01/24/08 (11.00 - 18.00)

Based on our discussions in day one, participants will be asked to develop modifications to an existing space and to create strategies/scripts to be performed in that space

In the framework of APT 1st block research, at deSingel, Antwerp

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