Mutual Motions - A mobile videolibrary

As a living memory the discs and media players in the video library are embedded in a dress designed by artists collective De Geuzen. Performer Isabelle Bats who was wearing the video-library presented a selection of films related to the themes of VJ10. She embodied an accessible interface between you, (the viewer) and the video’s. This human interface allowed for a mutual relationship: Viewing the films influences the experience of other parts of the program and the situation and context in which you watch the films plays a role in experiencing and interpreting the video’s. A physical exchange between existing imagery, real-time interpretation, experiences and context emerges as a result.
A video library to be browsed, a vision to be displaced.

The VJ 10 videolibrary collected excerpts of performance and dance video art documentss and (documentary) film, which reflect upon our complex body – technique relations.
Searching for the pointing, probing, disturbing or subverting gesture(s) in the endless feedback loop between technology, tools, data and bodies, we collected historical and contemporary material for a temporal archive.
Download here the program.

A Constant, Bettina Knaup, De Geuzen proposal in the framework of the festival Verbindingen/Jonctions 10

VJ10 videolibrary embodied VJ10 videolibrary
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