Mutual Motions - An introduction to Praticable

Praticable proposes itself as a horizontal work structure, which brings into relation research, creation, transmission and production structure. This structure is the basis for the creation of many performances that will be signed by one or more participants in the project. These performances are grounded, in one way or another, in the exploration of body practices to approach representation. Concretely, the form of Praticable is periods of common research of /on physical practices which will be the soil for the various creations. The creation periods will be part of the research periods. Thus, each specific project implies the involvement of all participants in the practice, the research and the elaboration of the practice from which the piece will ensue.

An introduction given by members of Praticable (Alice Chauchat & Frédéric Gies) in the framework of the festivalVerbindingen/Jonctions 10

Audio file, French spoken with simultaneous translation in English

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