Mutual Motions research revisited - Guide to open content licenses

Copyright is one of the most hotly contested areas of contemporary cultures. Many feel that current copyright regulations fail to meet the needs of information society and the realities of creative work. Many new practices of copyright - licenses which maintain the chosen rights of authors, but which work with rather than block the creative opportunities of the digital public domain – have emerged over the last few years.

This is the first systematic survey of the major open content licenses. Presented in a handy pocket-format it is designed both for non-specialists want to choose an appropriate use of copyright and for people who want solid background information.

Whether you are an artist, a peer-to-peer file sharer, or author of scientific papers the Guide to Open Content Licenses will provide you with an invaluable oversight and a how-to guide.

The Author
Lawrence Liang is a lawyer working with the Alternative Law Forum in Bangalore where he is part of a long-term research project on ‘Intellectual Property and the Public Domain’. In 2004 he was a Research Fellow at the Piet Zwart Institute.

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