Mutual Motions research revisited - Awkward gestures: designing with Free Software

In The Confessions of Zeno, Italo Svevo describes how one evening Zeno strikes up a conversation with a doctor who explains to him at length how 54 muscles come in motion when you walk rapidly. Zeno becomes fascinated by this extraordinary account of the monstrous machinery of his own body, but his curiosity proves to be fatal: “Of course I could not distinguish all its fifty-four parts, but I discovered something terrifically complicated which seemed to get out of order directly I began thinking about it. I limped, leaving that café; and I went on limping for several days.†From that moment on he is unable to think about this memorable evening, the doctor or even about his own legs without starting to stagger.

Fragment from Femke Snelting’s text for reader: Experiences in Electronic Cultural Publishing (forthcoming)


Awkward Gestures
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