Object score notation - Workshop description

The workshop will be based around a piece of software that tracks movements via video camera. This translates movement into a form of notation that can be used to construct audio scores, or, which can feedback into the performance and notation system itself (i.e. creating commands for other performers). The workshop will be based in a space with simple objects and furniture that the participants can use as their notational ’canvas’. They will be able to construct a notation system from their own movements and their interactions with the objects in the space. From this they will create a series of ’object scores’. Participants will work collectively in creating and altering these ’object scores’ following a FLOSS paradigm of writing and re-writing each other’s contributions. This will create a tight feedback loop between writing and performing - the motions of performance become recorded as notations in the scores. These scores then generate the possibilities for further performances which re-write the previous notations.

goals and targets:
- exploring the relationship between software and performance notation
- creating notation from everyday objects, gestures and movements
- physical space as a notational canvas
- collective authorship, versioning

day 1 - discussion about performance notation looking at work of Bruce Nauman, etc. followed by a practical session using paper notations and objects to create physical ‘object scores’

day 2 - introduction to the software, practical sessions familiarising participants with the software and how it works

day 3 and 4 - developing ’object score’ performances with the software and space

day 5 - final performance and evaluation session

equipment: video camera that can be mounted on ceiling - small colour chip-camera is best (will need to be wireless or have cabling to connect to computer), 3 Linux computers, data projector, drawing tablet (i.e. USB WACOM pad), audio equipment (mixer, amp, speakers), moveable lighting, 2 camcorders for documenting workshop, sheets of paper, card, drawing materials, masking tape, coloured rope or wide “Barricade†tape (such as used for creating police barriers around accidents, etc), table, chairs, household items (cups, plates, teapot, etc)

space: the space needs to have a ceiling high enough for the ceiling video camera to take in a sufficiently large area, if needed multiple ceiling cameras could be used (please contact as for more details of what is required for this – e.g. colour Quad processor CCTV device), the floor should be plain and unreflective (i.e. shiny varnished floors are bad, dull concrete or painted floors are good)

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