Performing proximities - Meggie Schneider

Studied philosophy, visual art and experimental filmmaking in Münster, Enschede, Montréal and Berlin. Since 1992 she works as a freelance artist, filmmaker, curator and editor with a base in Berlin. Her installations and films are regularly shown at international exhibitions and festivals. Among her recent room installations are those created for the International Forum of New Cinema, Berlin. I like to sit, 4 Kitchens and Hobbykeller transplanted a segment of private space – the living room or the kitchen – into the Festival Centre as communication elements and everyday stage. In 2007 she created the video installation and living archive Sala de la Tele at the new Centro de Documentación de las Artes, in Santiago, Chile.

In the framework of the ’Performing Proximities’ festival in the Beursschouwburg.


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