Performing proximities - Workshop description

Sweetness and fear among strangers and friends.
Longtime friends and collaborators Antonija Livingstone and Heather Kravas will share their joint choreographic practice in a series of workshops and public showings, inviting friends, guests and strangers on stage.... In XXXXXXXXXXX.... a situation for dancing - a series of four successive performances, they have been exploring strategies of settling in a place, an identity, a body, and at the same time disturbing and deconstructing this very attempt of ‚feeling at home‘; measuring and appropriating space and giving up space by inviting audiences, an orchestra, a worker and others on stage. Their new joint performance (K)n(ow) more vi//age will premiere in Spring 2008 in Brussels’ Kaaitheatre.

“We will focus on 2 movement systems that engage in the simultaneous and fluctuating construction of image and non-image. They rely on serious play and playful obsessions, call to question intimate physical partnerships and explore the relationship between witness and do-er.â€
(Kravas & Livingstone)

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